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Teflon coated cookware popularly known as non-stick cookware are generally of aluminium and require surface cleaning prior to Teflon coating for removal of oxide layer as well as to impart surface roughness to facilitate proper adhesion of Teflon coating. Normally aluminum oxide of 40 mesh is used as blast media to get the desired surface roughness range of 4-7 Ra value. To accomplish blast-cleaning process, AEROWHEEL have developed and supplied air-operated blast cleaning machine to almost all leading user industries.

The abrasive blast-cleaning machine is featured with rotating satellites and rotary turntable with multi blast guns oriented at different blasting stations. Air wash guns are also provided to air wash the blasted utensils to remove residual dust. The operator has to simply load & unload the cookware on and from the satellites located on the rotary table. The satellites rotate, while inside the cabinet the blast guns also reciprocate or oscillate which is set according to the size of the cookware.

The abrasive recycling is automatic and the dust generated during blasting process is collected in the dust collector, thus keeping environment Green& friendly.

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