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Airless Tumblast Type Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India

Airless Tumblast Type Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India

Aerowheel proudly stands as a leading supplier of Airless Tumblast Type Shot Blasting Machines in India and beyond. We cater to a diverse clientele across the globe, delivering innovative solutions for efficient and thorough surface preparation. Whether you’re facing stubborn rust, clinging sand, or intricate cleaning challenges, Aerowheel’s Airless Tumblast machines are engineered to conquer them all.

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Unveiling the Power of the Tumbling Barrel:

Imagine a gentle yet relentless dance. Your components waltz and tumble within a robust chamber, bombarded by a controlled storm of abrasive media. Every nook and cranny is exposed, leaving your surfaces flawlessly cleaned and ready for whatever comes next. This is the magic of Aerowheel’s Airless Tumblast technology.

Beyond Descaling: A Versatile Master:

While descaling heat-treated and forged parts is a forte, our Airless Tumblast excels in a multitude of applications:

  • Desanding: Breathe new life into ferrous and non-ferrous components by effortlessly removing clinging sand.
  • Deburring and Deflashing: Achieve precision finishing on metallic and non-metallic parts, eliminating unwanted burrs and flash.
  • Degreasing and Contamination Removal: Tackle stubborn grime and contamination, leaving your surfaces spotless and ready for further processing.
  • Die Casting Flash Removal: Effortlessly remove unwanted flash from die castings, ensuring smooth and flawless results.
  • Shot Peening: Enhance fatigue strength and improve component life through controlled surface peening.

A Symphony of Design and Functionality:

Every detail of our Airless Tumblast machines speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence:

  • Compact Design: Maximize your workspace with a space-saving design that delivers big results.
  • Gentle Tumbling: Forced but gentle turning ensures all-round shot impingement without damaging delicate components.
  • Targeted Blasting: High-performance blasting caters to specific applications for optimal cleaning efficiency.
  • Continuous Shot Removal: A closed-loop system ensures efficient abrasive recycling and minimizes waste.
  • Complete Cleaning: The tumbling action guarantees full exposure to the blast stream for consistent and thorough cleaning.
  • Easy Unloading: Reverse the belt conveyor for effortless emptying of components into your desired receptacle.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Choose the perfect configuration for your unique requirements with our diverse options:

How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Shot Blasting Machine

Maintenance Tips for Shot Blasting Machines

The Evolution of Shot Blasting Machines in India: From Traditional to Advanced

  • Steel/Metallic or Rubber Belt Conveyor: Select the ideal belt material based on your machine size and application.
  • Gravity, Rotary, or Magnetic Separation Systems: Optimize abrasive separation for various needs.
  • Aluminum Abrasive Compatibility: Blast with specialized abrasives for specific cleaning tasks.
  • Magna Valves (Optional): Enhance dust control and maintain a cleaner work environment.
  • Ergonomic Maintenance Platform: Simplify machine upkeep with easy access points.
  • Adequate Loading/Unloading Systems: Choose from manual or mechanized loading/unloading options.
  • Dust Removal System: Maintain a clean and healthy work environment with efficient dust extraction.

Aerowheel: Your Partner in Surface Cleaning Excellence:

Investing in an Aerowheel Airless Tumblast Type Shot Blasting Machine is an investment in your business’s success. We offer:

  • Unwavering Quality: Every machine undergoes rigorous inspections to meet the highest standards and deliver exceptional performance.
  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced team is always available to assist you in choosing the perfect solution for your cleaning needs.
  • Lifelong Support: We provide dedicated after-sales service and readily available spare parts to keep your machine running smoothly.
  • Global Reach: We cater to clients across India and beyond, delivering innovative solutions worldwide.

Let Aerowheel empower you to conquer any surface preparation challenge with the Airless Tumblast Type Shot Blasting Machine. Contact us today and experience the Aerowheel difference!

Remember, Aerowheel: Where Surface Preparation is an Art, not a Chore.


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What is an Airless Tumblast Shot Blasting Machine?
It’s a machine used to clean and finish metal components (castings, forgings, etc.) via tumbling them in a barrel with abrasive shot.
Why use an Airless Tumblast Machine?
It effectively cleans complex shapes and removes scale, sand, and debris without needing compressed air, making it energy-efficient.
What are the key features of a good Airless Tumblast Machine?
Compact design, efficient tumbling action, continuous shot removal, dust collection, durable liners, space-saving design, and user-friendly operation.

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