When number of products gets caste in mould, a thin layer of cast material is stuck in the mould. If this layer is not removed then the product quality get poor.

To remove the extra layer from the mould, without affecting the original mould, our machine can remove the unwanted material very easily.

AEROWHEEL specializes in vapour / wet range of equipments. Recently AEROWHEEL has successfully engineered Matte Finish Blasting Machine for surface cleaning and finishing of moulds in single operation.

Representing the state-of-the-art, the machine range can process the widest variety of parts like tyremoulds, moulds of computer shellmoulds of rubber products and many other types of moulds.

The machines consist of Blast Cabinet with high level of internal illumination and corrosion protective layer on inside surface. The viewing window, made from toughened glass, is fitted with an internal wiper for proper visibility during blasting process.

The motorized workcar with turntable is for “In & Out” of component from the cabinet, X-Y manipulator is for covering the complete job, profile/surface. The motion of X-Y manipulator is synchronized with turntable RPM.

The machine comes with various process and operating alarms with soft touch electronic panel and emergency stop incorporating PLC & MMI unit for operational sequence, parameter section and that for fault findings.

Different types of media can be used depending upon the application.

Best Regards,

Vivek Mehra

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