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Our Mission

Aerowheel envisages reinforcing its ideals of quality and competence over and time in its Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturer in India to serve its clients with nothing but the best. We work at delivering machines that result in cent percent customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

We desire to create an unmatched profile in the industry at Global scenario. We are working towards our dream of becoming global players. We envision serving more sectors and industries at a Global level than ever before without compromising on our ideals.

Company Policy

Aerowheel is a socially responsible company that creates Shot Blasting Machines that are sustainable and suit every pocket. We wish to bring a revolution through our products and services. We strive at delivering the best of our products in a time-efficient manner. Our working rests on the pillars of Technology up-gradation and competence.

Know more About Us

Brief history about the company, and our plans for the future.

We are a trusted name in the industry with branches in various parts of the globe and a team of skilled professionals who are working together towards shaping superior quality Shot Blasting machines.

We ensure to build a relationship with you that does not terminate at the delivery of our machine at your step. We are at your service to ensure the optimum working of our equipment and safety levels for decades.

We avail of the most up-to-date CAD/SOLIDWORKS Technology for the design and optimization of our machines. Manufacturing at Aerowheel is managed by qualified staff with a rich experience of 20-25 years.

If you have any questions Contact Us and we’ll put you in touch with our local representative. We believe through hard work and perseverance, we will continue to provide sustainable and innovative solutions that foster the development and growth of our customers.

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Our Solutions for Industries


At Aerowheel, we serve a wide range of industries at the global level with our unique and sustainable Shot Blasting Equipments. We envisage expanding the horizon by entering into the global market with standards that foster global recognition.


New ideas and technologies ensure the future of the company. That is why we encourage and support an atmosphere of innovation and future development. We understand the fast pace of changing times in terms of technology and innovation and thus we keep our machines compatible with them.

Team Work

We work as a team to cater to the needs of our customers with unified objectives. Our objective irrespective of the level of work we do in the company is to deliver the best to our clients in an effective time frame.


Every day we work to make things better. All products, processes and developments are driven by the desire to increase efficiency. The World is witnessing the winds of change and we ensure our machines are compatible enough to adapt themselves to the corresponding changes.

Our Founder


shot blasting machine

Vivek Mehra

Aerowheel is the brainchild of Mr. Vivek Mehra, Founder of Aerowheel Surface Finishing and ex-Vice President at Mecshot Blasting Equipments Private Limited. He has done B.E in Mechanical Engineering and to further brush the skills he has done MBA in Marketing. He applies a blend of knowledge from the two fields in his business.

He is dynamic and versatile with an experience of more than 22 years in Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturing. Under his unmatched guidance and experience in shaping Shot Blasting Machines, Aerowheel unlocks new heights every day.

We are a team of skilled and dedicated professionals who have harbored skills for becoming the best Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India. Aerowheel develops custom equipment that suits your requirements and stays connected with you for your further queries. We are determined to serve you across the clock. 

We are a trusted name in the Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India with branches in various parts of the globe and a team of skilled professionals who are working together towards shaping superior quality Portable Shot Blasting machines and a wide range of other machines.

What Makes Aerowheel an Ideal Company?

Aerowheel believes in bringing together Innovation, Teamwork, and Flexibility to produce a desirable business model that stands the test of time and credibility.
Aerowheel surface finishing
Aerowheel surface finishing

Customer Service


Apart from delivering customized machines at the request of our clients, we offer spare parts and other customer services as well. We have grown well with the Industry hence we understand the importance of maintaining a relationship with you that lives beyond the sale of a machine.

We have additional spare parts for your machines to enhance their optimum life and sustainability. We have a team of well-equipped Service Engineers who have well-established guidelines for enhancing the productivity of the machine and maintaining its parts and operation.


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