Wet Blast Cabinets

Wet Blast Cabinets

Wet Blast Cabinets are an efficient variant of Abrasive Blast Cabinets. We deliver total solutions to all your surface finishing requirements.

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Wet Blast Cabinets are also called Slurry Pump Cabinets. They have a mix of abrasive media and water that is supplied to the blast gun for further blasting purposes. In this machine pump draws fine abrasive mixed in water (slurry) from the bottom of hopper and forces it to blast gun where compressed air is introduced to atomise slurry which is impacted on the surface to be cleaned.

Irrespective of other distinguishing features what our Abrasive Blasting Cabinets have in common is that they are universally applicable in their working as well as their blasting materials application achieves the optimum blasting result.

Our Abrasive Blasting Cabinet in an overview:

  1. Generally applicable for: cleaning, derusting, descaling, hardening, deburring, roughening, compacting and polishing.
  2. Suitable for all kinds of blasting medium.
  3. Delivery is completely ready for operation with all necessary connections.

Aerowheel offers different kinds of Abrasive Blasting Cabinets. You can see our turnkey projects of Blasting cabinets on our project page to explore the variety. We decide the most suitable from our variety in consultation with our client before finalising one. Our range of Abrasive Blasting Cabinets include:

  • Suction/ Vacuum blast cabinet
  • Pressure blast cabinet
  • Wet Blast Cabinets
  • Rotary Indexing Machines
  • Roll Etching Machines
  • Tyre Mould Cleaning Machine

In a Wet Blast Cabinet, compressed air is introduced to accelerate the abrasive media to the blasted surface. This is sometimes known as vapor blasting.

This process creates a very clean surface, much like the high impact of conventional dry blasting processes, but with a more delicate finish. The wet blasting cabinet or high pressure water blast cabinet are typically used for surface improvement, cleaning, preparation of coatings, deburring and shot peening. Wet sandblasting equipment is especially done for finishing delicate, precision produced parts.

The recirculation of the water and the abrasive mixture is achieved by high durability sludge pumps, which provide excellent technical and environmental benefits. The water blasting machine works on the reusable abrasive media process, which reduces the cost and time.

Advantages of Wet Blast Cabinet are:

  • The full-width window for the operator’s view, with a screen wiper and washing facility.
  • Safe and single footswitch operation for the easy controlling of the machine.
  • No dust is involved in the process.
  • Reduce the risk of abrasive insertion.
  • Fine abrasive media can be used as slurry is being formed.
  • Easy maintenance because of quick-release pump design.

Applications of Wet Blasting Cabinet are: 

  • Burr removal and cleaning without damage to the object surface.
  • Surface preparation for hard chrome coatings, bonding composites, and tin and other tool coatings.
  • Etch and smooth glass for decorative or functional purposes in houses, hotels, etc.
  • Peen objects surface for a bright, clean appearance.
  • Clean plastic molds.
  • Hole cleaning in printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Wet Blast Systems can be pressure or suction.

Pressure-fed wet blast cabinets are designed specifically for production applications where high work output is required, combined with optimum abrasive quality.

Suction-fed wet blast cabinets are designed specifically for production applications where less aggressive surface treatment is required, such as getting smooth surface finishing on different items. Suction-fed blasting is less powerful than pressure-fed blasting, but uses significantly less compressed air.

Aerowheel delivers customized Wet Blast Cabinets in India and in various countries abroad. We endeavour to expand our business horizon in the world without compromising on our ideals of customer satisfaction and innovation. We assure flexibility and competence in our machines.

We aim at creating a life long relationship with you. You can rely on us for specialized services and additional spare parts for the optimum life of your Wet Blasting Cabinet.

Our Wet Blast Cabinets undergo a series of quality inspections to make sure you get the best without any discrepancies.

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