Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine

Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine

Aerowheel has a range of Airless Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machines with a number of Blast wheels varying according to the production output required. This is the most used after & the most flourishing for the long structural, channels, angles, plates, gratings, pipe, etc, for large production output in terms of surface treatment.

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We excel at producing Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machines for our clients. We offer premium quality Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machines for your specific requirements. We can add or remove wheels in an Airless Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine as per your requirement without compromising on the overall working of the machine. 

We have developed 8 and 10 wheel Airless Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machines for our clients as per their specifications.

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This is a multi utility blasting machine ideal for blasting simple and complex welded components like structures, beam, angel & channel, frames. Also, we test this Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine at various levels till the final dispatch to ensure its quality. Quality Control has been our priority in all our products to ensure the machines we deliver are consistent with your requirements and they have no discrepancies. We undertake regular checks at all the levels to ensure the competency our our products.

Major part of the machine includes blast wheels for giving high production output, roller conveyor for job conveying and media recovery consists of bucket elevator, screw conveyors, rotary screen separators etc. and pulse jet type dust collectors. The airless shot blasting machine tunnel type has unearthed major applications in cleaning the long structures like angles, channels, beams and flat structures like plate, gratings etc. to obtain the finish

Our Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machines are hassle free, reliable and have excellent finish.

The machine consists of the following:

  • Blasting Chamber
  • Blast Wheel Assembly
  • Abrasive Circulation System
  • Pulse Jet Type Dust Collection System
  • Roller Conveyor


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  • Alloy wheel Shot Blasting Machine
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  • Round, Hex, Square, Bar Shot Blasting Machine
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  • Aluminium Profile Blasting
  • It reduces labor fatigue and saves energy in Shot Blasting Machines.

Advantages of Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine:

  • They are compact, easy to load and unload. There is a saving in transportation expenses.
  • It facilitates large and voluminous blasting. 
  • It facilitates efficient cleaning.
  • It has curved blades that enhance cleaning.
  • It efficiently saves energy.
  • The parts have an optimum life.
  • It saves labour expenses too.
  • It causes less pollution and harm to the environment and is staff friendly.

It works as a Hook Pass Through Machine. It is suitable for cleaning the surfaces of medium to large sized casting and structured parts. It has curved blades that enhance cleaning purpose and also save energy.

The hook has functions of self lifting, indoor rotation etc. 

The opening of the tunnel & numbers of blast wheels, depend upon the structure of the job for attaining homogeneous finish. Major parts of the machine include blast wheel for giving high production output, roller conveyor for job conveying & the media recovery, consisting of bucket elevator, screw conveyor, screen separator etc. & pulse jet type dust collector.

This type of equipment is widely used in machinery manufacturing, engineering machinery, mining machinery, pressure vessels, automobiles, ships and other industries to improve the appearance quality and surface process status of its product parts.

Aerowheel can bring customizations in an Airless Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine such as Line Speed, Passage Opening, inlet & outlet conveyor depending upon job size and production requirement of the clients.

We take pride in announcing that we have successfully manufactured and exported dozens of specifically designed Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machines to our clients who have shared their positive reviews after using our machine. Our machines are anti corrosive and have a fine finish.

Besides Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machines, we also deliver other Airless Shot Blasting Machines such as Hanger Shot Blasting Machines, Swing Table Shot Blasting Machines and Tumblast Type Shot Blasting Machines. Also these machines can be designed as per your specifications. 

Blast Wheels are the main component of Airless Shot Blasting Machines. They Blast Wheels rotate at a high speed and the abrasive material is propelled by these wheels. Airless shot blast equipment is used for metal cleaning, paint removal, rust, metal surface preparation prior to paint or coating, and shot peening for metal fatigue life and stress relief and utilises cast steel shot or grit. Airless blasting is an economical option for many blasting, cleaning and peening operations.

Share your buying requirements with us and take a multi utility machine from Aerowheel. Surf our projects wherein you will get a glimpse of the different wheel machines developed by us.

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