Suction/ Vacuum Blast Cabinet

Suction/ Vacuum blast cabinet

Suction Blast Cabinets are Abrasive Blasting Cabinets. Our Abrasive Blasting Cabinets are extremely useful and they adhere to high standards of safety.
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Aerowheel Suction Blast Cabinets are high technology driven and cost effective. Their extensive use has put them in great demand in various Industries.

Suction Blast Cabinet works on the Induction Suction Principle for Abrasive Blasting. In this method abrasive is drawn from hopper into the blast gun by a partial vacuum created by high velocity air flow. This is useful for light weight abrasive & cleaning of Light Corrosion.

Suction Blast Cabinets are incorporated with an inbuilt separation facility in re-claimer which ensures uniform cleaning & finishing each time. Dust & debris are separated & only clean and sized abrasives are carried to the blast gun ensuring a homogeneous finishing.

Our Suction Sand Blasters are useful for heat treatment shops, tool, die & mould makers & shot peening of light metal components etc. Sandblast cabinets are equipped with dust collectors, vacuum filters and side attachments. 

The Industrial Suction blast cabinet ensures non-stop working and no interruption in the blasting cycle. It is used for light and medium-size components/particles where the surface is to be cleaned or deburred or to provide a fine matte finish. It operates on the Venturi principle to get abrasive from a non-pressurized storage hopper to the blast gun where it is mixed with the compressed air stream and propelled against the work surface or blasting surface.

When we are working with a suction-blast gun, it is simple to recognize, because it has two pipes attached to it, one providing compressed air and one vacuum pipe (abrasive blasting hose) is bringing media into the gun. Pressure-blast nozzles have simply one larger pipe to deliver a mixture of media particles and compressed air.

Suction sandblast cabinets provide the ideal cleaning, smoothing and finishing solution to many coating, painting and corrosion problems. They are ideally utilized for ensuring a decorative or naturally pleasing surface finish across many materials. Suction systems generally have lower capital costs than a pressure cabinet and use less compressed air, making them appropriate for smaller workshops or lower production environments.

It is a dry process where compressed air is used to create a vacuum in a blast gun. The negative force then lugs in the abrasive mix to the blast gun from where compressed air takes the abrasive towards the work-piece through a nozzle.

Suction Blast Cabinet features are as follows:

  • These types of cabinets are of lower cost than the related-sized pressure blasting cabinets.
  • Suction blaster has far fewer moving parts and valves than a pressure abrasive blast unit, therefore, more easy maintenance and troubleshooting are possible there.
  • Less air and abrasive consumption are there in a removal gun (suction abrasive blast gun) as its air demand is governed by the abrasive air jet, which is almost half the size the same as the blast nozzle diameter.

Continuous blasting is possible in a suction blasting cabinet because we need not think to refill the abrasive media containing hopper again and again in this, whereas in a pressure blast method the consecutive blasting time is decided by the amount of abrasive media present in the storage hopper or pot present at one time.

We Manufacture and Export Suction/ Vacuum Blast Cabinets at affordable prices to your required location. We have a team of skilled professionals who are responsible for quality inspection at every stage of machine development. This ensures the machine that we deliver to our clients is free from any disruptions and in exactly what we have been asked to supply.

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