Rotary Indexing Machines

Rotary Indexing Machines

Aerowheel excels at producing Rotary Indexing Machine for its clients. A Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machine is best suited for blasting parts that vary in size, shape, and geometrics. They are suitable for parts that are made with fragile components. You will find Rotary Indexing machines under our Abrasive blasting Cabinets category.

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Abrasive Blasting is used to remove rust, paint stains and other impairments to objects.

Our Abrasive Blasting Cabinets are extremely useful and they adhere to high standards of safety.

Our range of Abrasive Blasting Cabinets include:

  • Suction/ Vacuum blast cabinet
  • Pressure blast cabinet
  • Wet Blast Cabinets
  • Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machines
  • Roll Etching Machines
  • Tyre Mould Cleaning Machine

If you are looking forward to cleaning welded structures and fabrications, Aerowheel’s Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machine is the answer to your requirement!

Know more about our Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machines here:

Call it a Rotary Indexing Machine or a Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machine, you are on the right page for gathering more information on it and placing an order for its delivery.

Working of our Rotary Indexing Machine:

The Rotary Indexing Machine works on the Suction Blasting principle as a Suction blaster. Blast cabinet is fitted with a bearing mounted indexing turntable, with a number of indexing positions. One indexing satellite stands outside the blast cabinet for job loading and unloading while other satellites stand inside the blast cabinet (one in blasting operation and others are in queue) the indexing turntable is driven by a geared drive.

It has indexing movement i.e. after 90 degree or specific rotation, the turntable stops in such a way that the satellite , having a work piece, comes under the blasting area.

After the required finish is obtained, the indexing table rotates again by specified degree so that the next satellite having a new job for blasting to come under the blasting area and the blast job comes to the loading and unloading area.

Treated objects are loaded on a perforated rotating table. A big door provides simple and fast loading. The machine can have the table fitted to the machine's door, which enables loading with a hoist or fork-lift truck to the entire surface of the table. The machine also can be equipped with two tables, enabling simultaneous shot blasting of treated objects inside the machine and loading or turning treated objects in front of the machine.

The machine’s housing is robust and protected by wear-resistant materials. High efficiency of the machine is enabled by the system for continued returning and cleaning of the abrasive, along with efficient turbines made from wear-resistant materials. Standard equipment of larger machines includes PLC Siemens, display, timer automatic or manual mode, automatic start-up of turbines, working-hours counter, etc. For shot blasting cast containing larger quantities of casting sand, a magnetic sand cleaner may be installed.

It uses wheel blas technology for medium to high industries and works in batches. It has an application in Cleaning, Deburring, Rust and Heat Scale Removal, Deflashing. 


  • Single fixed table or dual mobile turntables
  • Can treat components weighing up to 120 tons


  • Descaling of forged or heat treated parts
  • Desanding of ferrous and non-ferrous metal castings
  • Deburring of metallic and non-metallic parts
  • Deflashing of die cast parts
  • Contaminant removal

It is suitable for various shapes and dimensions, casts, forged parts, pressed parts, steel, and non-ferrous metal parts and parts made from fragile materials, cleaning surface, removing casting sand and filings, consolidating the surface (micro handling), roughing the surface before colouring, etc.

It is classified as Single Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machine and Swing Rotary Table Shot Blasting Machine. 

Because of their characteristics the rotary-table shot blasting machines can easily be incorporated in diversified machining, adapting to the treatment of various parts of different shape and type. They can be equipped with fixtures and accessories built according to the pieces to be treated.

Positioned on the moving table the pieces are uniformly covered with a wide jet of shot launched by centrifugation by one or more turbines.

Aerowheel provides its customers with an option of designing the Rotary Indexing machine as per their specification. We have the flexibility of resigning our models in case you want them to adapt to certain specifications as per your need. 

Explore our projects and get in touch with us so that you can get your machine at affordable prices in an efficient time frame. 

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