Pressure blast cabinet

Pressure blast cabinet

Pressure Blast Cabinets are Abrasive Blasting Cabinet. Aerowheel is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Pressure Blast Cabinet.

Abrasive Blasting is also commonly called Sand Blasting. It is a generic term used for the process of smoothening, shaping, and cleaning a hard surface by forcing solid particles at a high speed against the surface of the object. 

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Aerowheel has Abrasive Blasting Cabinets that are used to remove rust, paint stains, and other impairments to objects. Objects that are blasted include Rims, machine parts, parts of cars, and motorcycles.

Aerowheel offers different kinds of Abrasive Blasting Cabinets. You can see our turnkey projects of Blasting cabinets on our project page to explore the variety. We decide the most suitable from our variety in consultation with our client before finalising one. Our range of Abrasive Blasting Cabinets include:

  • Suction/ Vacuum blast cabinet
  • Pressure blast cabinet
  • Wet Blast Cabinets
  • Rotary Indexing Machines
  • Roll Etching Machines
  • Tyre Mould Cleaning Machine

Pressure Blasting Cabinet works on the Direct Pressure principle of blasting. It uses a pressurized vessel or “blast pot” that holds the abrasive media. In a pressure blast cabinet, the air pressure in the vessel and in the “pusher” line is maintained to be the same. This means that there is no pressure difference between the blast pot and the blast line; this allows the abrasive media to meter into the airstream at the blast pot and then run the length of the blast hose or pipe out to the sand blasting nozzle. Pressure abrasive blasting cabinet equipment has a separate hose running to the SandBlast nozzle.

Designed specifically for high throughput and demanding applications. It provides advanced features to ensure efficient operation or working and maximum operator comfort while using a Pressure Blasting Cabinet.

The pressure blast cabinet operates on a direct pressure created by a system of blasting. When high abrasive velocity is produced by pressure sandblaster which results in completing the job at a faster rate. A pressure container mounted under a hopper of a sand blast cabinet for automatic abrasive refilling systems. For the high efficiency of dust collection a tubular fabric bag dust collector, with a generous filter area is attached with the blaster cabinet as a standard feature.

A standard shaker is provided for shaking. A high-Pressure sandblaster cabinet is proposed for high-speed cleaning, removal of corrosion, and heavy rust using coarse abrasives. All types of coarse and medium-sized abrasive media can be used depending on the application. We provide all cabinets type sand Blasting machines, shot blasting cabinet, grit blasting machine, & abrasive media.

Benefits Of Pressure Blaster

  • Easy setup and structure of the pressure blast cabinet and abrasive amount.
  • Easy start/stop blasting with large foot pedal
  • High-grade working view through a full-width window and effective dust extraction.
  • Sufficient access possibilities with large side-door
  • Easy disposal of collected dust in the hopper.

The price of the Pressure Blast Cabinet depends on the size of the project. If the size of the project or job is big, the cost of the cabinet will also be high and vice versa. 

How does a Pressurized Sand Blast Cabinet Work?

A Pressure Blast Cabinet uses a pressurized vessel called Pressure Pot filled with blast media, which is then forced through a blast nozzle. Pressure blasting is significantly faster and more aggressive than suction blasting. This is the Pressure Pot Blast Cabinet.

Pressure Vessel/Pot blasters where the blasting media is put into a pressurized chamber and pressure fed into the air stream and out the nozzle, and siphon where the blasting media is siphoned (using the venturi effect) into the air stream.

Reach us for any queries you have for your requirement of a Pressure Blast Cabinet.

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