Airless Shot Blasting Machines

Airless Shotblasting Machines

Aerowheel expertise in meeting the requirements for Airless Shot blasting Machines of its clients in India and many other countries such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Singapore, and Iran. We aspire to expand our horizon over other countries in near future with our world-class quality Airless Shotblasting Machines.

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At Aerowheel you will find Airless Shot Blasting equipment are of the following types-

  • Hanger Shot Blasting Machine
  • Airless Swing Table Shot Blasting Machine
  • Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine
  • Airless Tumblast Type Shot Blasting Machine

Know more about our Airless Shot Blasting equipments in this section:

We are leading manufacturers and exporters of Hanger Shot Blasting Machines that are the most flexible type of blasting equipment. It is named so because in this type of machine components will be hung on the hanger and can be rotated, components are rotating so it is also called a spinner hanger shot blasting machine.

These equipment are not rigid in their design. If you are looking for a dealer who has the facility of developing an equipment that is tailor made for you, you are on the right page. Aerowheel does not stick to its pre set designs, rather you can make us build a Hanger Shot Blasting Machine as per your specifications.

The Hanger Shot Blasting Machine is designed for automatic efficient shot blasting. The job is loaded on the Hanger Door where they are blasted inside the chamber. The cabinet is protected from erosion by LINERS (Hardened wear plates). The Dust particles generated in the system are collected in a number of Bags in a dust collector. Clean air is exhausted through an exhaust fan.


The Bags are cleaned by Pulse type Reverse Jet air cleaner controlled through Solenoid Valve and the collected dust particles fall in a dust bin and are taken out for disposal from time to time.

Features of Airless Shot Blasting Machine:

  • Versatile transport technology
  • Highly efficient blast wheels
  • Multiple machine sizes and variations available

Applications of Airless Shot Blasting Machine:

  • Blast cleaning welded steel fabrications
  • Deburring and homogenising diecast parts
  • Peening dynamically stressed components
  • Removal of mill and forge scale as well as rust
  • Removal of burrs and scales
  • Increase of surface roughness
  • Shot peening to increase fatigue strength

Airless Swing Table Shot Blasting Machine is Airless Shot Blasting machine that is designed for automatic efficient shot blasting to descale and remove rust from job rotating on Rotating Turntable, The Job is loaded on Door mounted Turntable & fed in the Blasting Cabinet where they are blasted inside the chamber. After blasting, the shots fall down inside the hopper of the cabinet and are gravity fed to the lower screw conveyor.

The screw conveyor conveys the shots from the cabinet to the boot of the bucked elevator, which in turns lifts the shots and feeds them to a screen. The usable shots, unusable shots (fine) and heavy dust will be filtered through the screen and unusable shots (bigger size) and other big particles will stay on the screen and should be removed through refuse pipe from time to time. 

Product Features

  • Attain smooth complexion.
  • Aesthetic finish on Die Castings of Aluminum, Zinc & Alloy Steel.
  • De-sanding & descaling of castings and forgings.
  • Preparation of Surface for Protective coating.
  • Removal of heat treated scales.

Application of the Swing Table Shot Blasting machines 

  • Desanding and decorating of castings.
  • Descaling of castings, forgings.
  • Surface hardening (shot peening).
  • Rust and heat scale removal.
  • Surface texturing.
  • Preparation for painting, bonding and plating.

We excel at producing Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machines for our clients. We offer premium quality Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machines for your specific requirements. We can add or remove wheels in an Airless Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine as per your requirement without compromising on the overall working of the machine. 

We have developed 8 and 10 wheel Airless Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machines for our clients as per their specifications.

Major part of the machine includes blast wheels for giving high production output, roller conveyor for job conveying and media recovery consists of bucket elevator, screw conveyors, rotary screen separators etc. and pulse jet type dust collectors. The airless shot blasting machine tunnel type has unearthed major applications in cleaning the long structures like angles, channels, beams and flat structures like plate, gratings etc. to obtain the finish

Our Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machines are hassle free, reliable and have excellent finish.

The machine consists of the following:

  • Blasting Chamber
  • Blast Wheel Assembly
  • Abrasive Circulation System
  • Pulse Jet Type Dust Collection System
  • Roller Conveyor


  • Scaffolding Shot Blasting Machine
  • Alloy wheel Shot Blasting Machine
  • Angel Channel Shot Blasting Machine
  • Round, Hex, Square, Bar Shot Blasting Machine
  • Structure Shot Blasting Machine
  • Plate Shot Blasting Machine
  • Pipe Shot Blasting Machine
  • Aluminium Profile Blasting
  • It reduces labor fatigue and saves energy in Shot Blasting Machines.

Advantages of Tunnel Type Shot Blasting Machine:

  • They are compact, easy to load and unload. There is a saving in transportation expenses.
  • It facilitates large and voluminous blasting. 
  • It facilitates efficient cleaning.
  • It has curved blades that enhance cleaning.
  • It efficiently saves energy.
  • The parts have an optimum life.
  • It saves labour expenses too.
  • It causes less pollution and harm to the environment and is staff friendly.

The Tumble Blast Machine is designed for automatic & efficient shot blasting of castings and other metallic components having various sizes.

The pieces are loaded into the Tumbling Barrel (Chamber) by Mechanical Loader (Optional) where they are blasted. The shots, which have passed from the screen, are subjected to an air wash system, which drains all dust and broken shots, Only usable shots come to the storage hopper, and get recycled. The fines and broken shots come to a refuse hopper and are rejected 

from the system. The Dust Collector absorbs the fine dust produced in the cabinet.

Our Tumble Shot Blasting Machines are cost effective and resilient to early breakdowns. We assure quality and competence in our machine through continuous upgrades and surveillance. 


  • Compact design, simple operating principle
  • Forced but gentle turning and tumbling of the parts for all-round shot impingement
  • Targeted high performance shot blasting for specific applications
  • Continuous and thorough shot removal


  • It is used for the descaling of heat treated and forged parts.
  • It can be used for the desanding of components which are either ferrous or non ferrous.
  • It can be also used on metallic and non-metallic parts for deburring.
  • Die cast parts can be flashed with it.
  • It can also be used for the removal of contamination.

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